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The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part One

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The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part One by Russell Shortt

The Boss is a hard one to nail down, a mega-star who forges an intimate bond with his listeners; a mainstream artist who attains a street cred even amongst the snobbiest aficionados; a musician who has always being valid, being required, yet has never changed his clothes, never mind alter his image; one of the 'next Bob Dylan' brigade who succeeded in not being anything like Bob Dylan in some ways and who was perhaps the only one of the brigade to succeed; a rocker singing about small town themes that made sense to the world.

The Boss who hates bosses; the list of contradictions is as lengthy as it is extraordinary. Bizarrely, too he began as early as the mid-sixties, rocking out with his band The Castiles, wanting to be Elvis, who he had witnessed knocking around the world with his loins on the Ed Sullivan Show - Springsteen if anything is a link, between modern rock music and our grand-parents rock music, strange that.

Springsteen came up the hard way, while Dylan went to the stars; and his influences, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones became legends, Springsteen reeled in and out of a glut of bands - The Rogues, Earth, Child, Steel Mill, Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom; it appeared that he was to go the way of his beloved Asbury Park, be forgotten, immersed in his own world, unable to escape his past, tied down by it.

An earlier attempt to break the Greenwich Village scene with all the other hucksters and hipsters had failed, and he had found himself back in Asbury, back to the small-town, away from the lights and mucking around with other small-town, small-time musicians.

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