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Who Was Eleanor Rigby?

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Eleanor Rigby - Who Was She? by John C Savage

Do you remember that Beatles song with the line "Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name, nobody came"?

This was certainly not one of the Beatles more happier songs, and a bit out of keeping with what we had come to expect at that time. I have often wondered who Eleanor Rigby really was, if indeed she was a real person at all, or was she just somebody whose name was plucked out of mid-air.

Well, I was playing some gigs recently in Liverpool, and although my evenings were busy, the rest of the day was free and so I decided to use my spare time to do some research into this and to try and find out if there really was an Eleanor Rigby.

I looked up a few points of reference in the local library, donned my Sherlock Holmes hat, and set off for a suburb of Liverpool known as Woolton. In the Anglican church there you will find a typical English churchyard, surrounding the church, and you will find many tombstones, but one headstone in particular caught my attention. Wait for it. The headstone is dedicated to an Eleanor Rigby.

Having located such an interesting gravestone, I then began to ask myself if any of the Beatles lived anywhere nearby. And guess what? As a child John Lennon used to live in Menlove Avenue, which is very close to the church. This made me think back to my childhood, and I remember as a young boy I and my friends would often play in our local churchyard, playing hide and seek and other games behind the headstones.

With this in mind it is not stretching things too far to assume that as a child John Lennon possibly also played in his local churchyard, and would have noticed the tombstone dedicated to Eleanor. This was becoming very exciting for me, but sadly I only had a couple of days in Liverpool before heading off, so was not able to complete my research.

But I will be back. This is becoming very interesting to me, and I want to know more about Eleanor Rigby, and the other names that appear on her tombstone.

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