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The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part Two

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The Albums of Bruce Springsteen, Part Two by Russell Shortt

Or so it appeared, but appearances can be deceiving and this one was, small-town they were but definitely not small-time, some of these New Jersey shore guys included Steve van Zandt, Vini Lopez and Vinnie Roslin, all of who would be in Springsteen's first successful band, Steel Mill and would go on to form the core of the E-Street Band.

As would Asbury Park itself, Springsteen has drawn influence from the small town, right down to the present day. The decade spent in the wilderness, served him well as he honed his craft as a songwriter, musician and performer. He was never to forget, why would he?

He loved it and he knew how good his New Jersey musicians were, when John Hammond signed him for Columbia in 1972, he brought them with him into the studio, effectively establishing the E Street Band. The resultant album's title Greetings from Asbury Park (1973) said it all, as did it's themes - youthful rebelliousness, strippers in local strip joints, Vietnam veterans, automobiles and hubcap heavens, ambiguous religion, heartfelt stories of Mary's, rambunctious parties, run-ins with the law and messy love.

The album didn't smash the charts, but the critics were gushing in their praise, proclaiming Springsteen as the heir apparent to the Dylan throne. It didn't concern Springsteen too much, he was ploughing his own furrow, working on his craft, prolifically releasing The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle in September 1973. Once again the public missed the boat, later with the release of Born to Run (1975), the record stores wouldn't be able to keep it or Greetings from Asbury Park on the shelves.

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