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Pink Floyd - Legends of Rock

Cover of "Wish You Were Here"Cover of Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd - Legends of Rock by Simon M Cook

While listening to music in my early teens, my music was influenced by my 'big brother'. He used to play a lot of progressive rock, particularly Rush. One of the bands he often spoke about was Pink Floyd - having never heard them I decided to go out and buy 'The Wall' - it became one of the most profound influences on my own personal music 'likes'.

Pink Floyd, perhaps one of the best known groups in the world are a progressive rock band from Britain. They sound is unique, combining the best of progressive rock with mystical and philosophical lyrics. Their music is hard to define as it takes rock to a whole level, combining classic rock with experimental sounds, to produce something that defines an era.

Formed in the late 60s, with a sound that is now unrecognizable, they had limited success. Once their erratic leader, Syd Barret was replaced with David Gilmour, the innovation and ability to adapt their music to the modern era led to not only worldwide success, but also acknowledgment as one of the most influential bands of all time. Sadly their success perhaps led to their downfall, disintegrating one of the best rock bands of the last 30 years.

Their early album, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) is perhaps one of the most profound and influential albums of all time as it introduced Pink Floyd to the world. The songs, some say, requires a certain 'mental' state to be appreciated, but the album itself seems to elevate your mind into a different 'place', with subtle music and strange lyrics that seem to come from the mind of a madman.

Wish You Were Here (1975), another amazing album soon followed, ensuring that Pink Floyd were no one-hit wonders. The classic title song is still one of the most profound rock ballads of all time. This album, together with Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979) were huge commercial successes, but more than that were (and still are) regarded as masterpieces, with technical as well as creative nuances that still hold up today.

Sadly, in 1985, singer and bassist Roger Waters effectively killed off Pink Floyd, and although the remaining members continued touring and recording, the magic never seemed to be the same.

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