Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beatles Remastered - Should You Replace Your Old Beatles Music?

By John R Powell

The Beatles Remastered albums came out on September 9th, 2009. On that first day that they were on the shelf, I went out and bought their Past Masters double album. It consists of all of their singles and other songs that were never on their official studio albums. It is the only album that was remastered that was not one of their studio albums.

When I came home and heard that album it blew me away. I never heard those songs so clear and crisp. It was like hearing those songs for the first time. Before I bought this album I collected all of their CD's. The bad thing about that was the last time that those CD's were remastered was 1987. So as everybody can guess 1987 does not have technology like we have today. It does suck that I have to buy all of these albums all over again, but it is completely worth it once you hear them.

I am a confirmed Beatle maniac. I've been a fan since Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr appeared on the Ed Sullivan show way back when. All of the remastered tracks that I've heard thus far have had new life breathed into them. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for me always had the guitar parts kind of "mushy", they competed with each other and didn't have definition individually. It's not that way any more on the remastered versions.

Though I haven't heard all the remastered music yet. My favorite has been side two of Abbey Road. I didn't think this would be my favorite album remastered, because this album was one of their albums that were really good quality sound to begin with. When I listened to this album remastered for the first time, I heard things that I've never heard before. These things were in the albums before, but because of the technology at the time the sounds were not individually defined or distinguishable. I can't imagine how hard this task must have been to the few who remastered the 13 studio albums and the Past Master's double album.

My point with this article is that even if you have heard the Beatle albums before, you need to listen to them remastered. It is a completely different experience than before. Although I had already bought the entire Beatle's collection, now that they are remastered it is well worth the money. I think I might as well throw their old albums away.

What was old is new again. It's hard to believe that this music is as old as it is. These guys really were special. They gave us something that has lasted a long time. The remastering process has taken the age out of the recordings. This is the closest thing that we'll experience to new Beatle music. Take the plunge and invest in your favorite songs, you'll be back for more.

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