Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Legendary Band - The Rolling Stones

By Shawna S. Ruppert

There might only be one other band in the history of Rock and Roll that has reached the heights of popularity that the Rolling Stones have enjoyed throughout their career. The major difference however, is highlighted when you look at the span of Rolling Stones trivia. While their careers started not far apart, the Beatles had broken up the by the early seventies. On the other hand, the Rolling Stones, despite several hiatuses, have continued to perform and record as the biggest rock band in the world right up to the present day.

The band has had several different members over their long career, but it is two forces which have been the primary creative forces behind the band since their first days together. Rolling Stones trivia will show that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger went to primary school together, and then became reacquainted during their college years. The combination of Jagger on Vocals and Keith Richards on guitar has become the basic archetypical makeup of charismatic lead singer and enigmatic guitar player that so many bands after have tried to emulate.

The other two founding members of the Rolling Stones were really Brian Jones and Ian Stewart, although others were also playing with the group on and off at the time, before they were called the Rolling Stones. It was the eventual addition of Charlie Watts on drums and Bill Wyman on bass that Rolling Stones trivia shows the band was reaching its legendary makeup.

Although the Stones had toured and recorded for several years already, it was the release of "Satisfaction" in the mid sixties which built the beginnings of superstardom. Hit after hit would follow in the years that came after, including "Get Off of My Cloud", "Paint it Black", "Ruby Tuesday" "Sympathy For the Devil" "You can't Always Get What You Want" and many many more.

A Rolling Stones quiz will show that there were changes to the band over the course of the years. Ronnie Wood joining the band would help create the guitar sound that has guided them for the last thirty years. Ian Stewart left the band not many years after the formation of the group, but continued to play with them. Other than Keith, there have been three primary other guitar players in the band. The first was Jones, who died in 1969. He would be replaced by Mick Taylor for only four years until Wood joined.

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