Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Beatles Remasters on Vinyl LPs

By Johnny Moon

On September 9, 2009 The Beatles remastered CDs were released and they've been a huge hit both critically (glowing reviews for the great sound quality of these remasters) and commercially (with millions of copies of the remastered CDs having been sold thus far).

But that's not "all she wrote" as far as these remasters are concerned because it appears likely that sometime during 2010 (although it's unclear when, exactly) The Beatles stereo catalog will be released on vinyl LPs too. Most likely as part of a box set and for individual purchase.

No official statement from Apple Corps (the company that controls the Beatles recordings, not the computer company) has come out about the vinyl remasters but the CEO did mention in an interview that they are working on the project.

It's thought at this time that only the stereo remasters will be available on these new vinyl records but that's not known for a fact. It would actually make sense for them to release the mono mixes on vinyl too as it seems like the type of "purists" that are probably most interested in them are also the type of people who would want to hear them in both stereo and mono.

If you're confused as to why anyone would want to hear digitally remastered music on vinyl, it's important to understand that the Beatles vinyl now currently available (the vinyl that has been produced since the late '80s) is based on the old 1987 digital remasters, so there's little doubt that the new vinyl would be just as big of a step up in that world as the new CDs were in the CD world (and that's a mighty big step, in my opinion).
Johnny Moon will be buying Beatles Remastered Vinyl to go along with his Remastered Beatles CDs.

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