Saturday, December 19, 2009

Was Jimi Hendrix the Greatest Guitarist Ever?

By David J P Smith

When most people talk to you about the electric guitar (and its pioneers) they invariably mention James Marshall Hendrix - known to his close friends and the world as Jimi Hendrix. Jimi made his breakthrough into the world of music after being brought over to England by and enthusiastic producer with an eye for talent. He had seen Jimi playing support guitar for a travelling band in America and knew that he was the world's next 6-string superstar.

After coming to England, Jimi simply told his manager "get me on stage with Eric Clapton". He said that this was his 'payment' for leaving his friends and family and flying thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to England. By some miracle, Jimi was allowed to jam with Eric Clapton at one of his gigs in London. After blowing everyone away with his virtuoso skills, Clapton stormed off stage in an outrage as if he'd just seen a phantom that had made him seen insignificant.

Hendrix went on to make several experimental and brilliant albums after being finally given the freedom of his own studios. Of these albums, the most notable were 'Are You Experienced?', 'Axis: Bold as Love' and 'Electric Ladyland' (of which the album cover rather controversially featured multiple naked women). Hendrix is often said to have brought the electric guitar to the masses, as well as made it okay to be a showman. That being said, giving him the title of 'absolute greatest guitarist ever' is a stretch, as there have been so many that have done so much.

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