Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beatles Remasters on Vinyl

By Johnny Moon

Like many Beatles fans I bought both the stereo and mono box set versions of The Beatles long awaited remastered catalog when they were released on September 9th of 2009. And also like many other Beatles fans I'm waiting as patiently as I possibly can for the release of these new remasters on vinyl LPs.

This is not just wishful thinking because there will be such a release according to The Beatles record company but they have not yet set a date for release yet. The initial rumor was March 16, 2010 (which is actually the date that I'm writing this article) but now it seems more likely that it may be sometime during the winter of 2010 or perhaps even in 2011!

Some may not understand why anyone would want to listen to these remasters on vinyl, after all they are already available on CD. But others understand the "magic" of listening to a vinyl record.

But aren't The Beatles albums already available on vinyl? No, not really. Only Abbey Road is currently in print and it's based on on the old digital master (the same one that the old Abbey Road CD was based on.) Many of the Beatles LPs available used are also based on those old digital masters.

I personally think the new remasters sound fantastic on CD and I'm sure they will sound fantastic on vinyl LP. It'll be interesting to hear the differences in sound in comparison to the CD versions and of course, there's that certain "magic" to playing vinyl, even if that vinyl is based on a digital remaster.

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