Thursday, March 4, 2010

OPINION: Boomers - Keep Rockin' - It Keeps You Young!

By Ric Wasley

My wife and I were recently down at our favorite live music club listening to a fantastic Neil Young tribute band, and I couldn't help but notice that the place was filled with Boomers - standing at the bar or sitting at red/orange day-glow tables with guttering candles flickering through half-filled glasses and empty bottles. Just like forty years ago.

And there's the secret that I think our generation has learned - beginning with the "love-in's", parties and concerts of the 60's - all the way down to the present day. The secret of not necessarily trying to stave off the grim specter of grey hair, flabby midriffs and wrinkles by denying their existence, but by not giving up on the greatest gift that our generation gave the world.

And no, it's not the internet, Apple or Google. It's ... Rock and Roll!

"But wait." You say ... "What about the succeeding generations? Aren't they into music too?"

Sure - but in a different way.

Oh - there's lots of "Gen X and Y" type music that sounds great but what separates their music from the original rockers is that the Boomers prefer their music - live. Hey, we cut our musical teeth at the high school dance and later every dinky little joint with more than two tables and a half dozen bar stools, had a live band. I know, 'cause I was one of them. And it nearly broke my heart two decades later when my two boys had to struggle to find a club that would even book live music! Why? Well here's the saddest part. Because their generation preferred ... are you ready for it? D.J.'s!!!

Yeah - those guys who used to put the record on the turntable and say, "Hey guys and gals, here's the latest tune from 'The Beach Boys'." Hummm ... wasn't that what we got live bands to replace?

Well as all good pendulums do, this one has swung back to what we abandoned and will, given the inexorable nature of pendulums, swing back to local bands making great live music. And in the meantime, to all of my fellow grey-haired rockers I say as Neil Young told us ... "Keep on Rockin' in the free world!" It keeps us young.


Ric Wasley - Author - Mystery Writers of America
Author of The McCarthy Mystery Series
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