Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pete Best - The Other Beatle

By Pollux Parker

Before there was the gospel according to John, Paul, George and Ringo, a guy named Pete Best used to play the drums for the Beatles. In the beginning, it was John, Paul, George and Pete.

Randolph Peter Best, or Pete Best, joined the Beatles in 1962. The Beatles, with Best on the drums, went to Hamburg, Germany and made the British flag proud. As Beatles fans know, the Beatles got quite popular in Hamburg first before making it big in Great Britain and then the rest of the world. It was said that Pete Best was the most popular band member among women when they were still playing in Hamburg.

When they got back to England, they started auditioning for record deals. They played for several record companies. They had their share of refusals. Finally, the Beatles auditioned for Parlophone, and the record company liked what they heard. The record company gave them a contract and asked them to cut some records.

When the record producer, George Martin, heard the songs recorded by the Beatles, he decided to use a session drummer for the recording sessions. He didn't like the way Pete Best's drum sounded on the records. George Martin, according to later interviews, said that he only meant to use a session drummer for the recording session. The group could still have Pete Best as their drummer.

On August 16, 1962, Pete Best was fired from the Beatles almost two years from the day he joined the group to play a series of gigs in Germany.

Today, Pete Best is still playing music. He has migrated to the US and has a group called The Pete Best Band. The band has several albums and singles under its belt. In concerts, they would often play songs by the Beatles aside from their original ones.

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