Thursday, March 4, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: "I Am Ozzy" by Ozzy Osbourn

By Nancy Hillary

I read this book through the night until dawn. Perhaps I was just incredulous that Ozzy actually can read and write, let alone remember any of his psycho maniac life! But if even half of what he says is true, he has had an incredibly interesting life, mostly all in a constant state of madness; from pauper to multi millionaire, from abattoir worker to rock God.

Ozzy is the epitome of the ultimate rock star, everything your mother warned you about and more. The book is extremely well written, it is funny, and it's ludicrous in places, outrageous in others and sometimes downright unbelievable. He's been a complete bastard, a coward, a drug addict, a wife beater, an alcoholic and more. I can't believe that he is still alive after all the drugs he has taken and for such a length of time.

He is the ultimate bad rocker. But he has a huge heart and small things touch him and he has a tremendous amount of love and respect for his wife and family. Through all of the bad things that he has done, there is the constant shine of humanity weaving through the pages and you just end up loving him too.

Read the truth about biting the heads off bats and doves, trashing hotel rooms, his HIV scare, the dreadful death of guitarist extraordinaire Randy Rhodes, Satanists, his hundreds of dogs, Sharon's cancer, MTV intrusions on his house, multi platinum selling albums, dodgy managers and meeting the Queen.

One of my favourite stories describes how his first wife Thelma buys him chickens and constantly nags him to feed them. Ozzy eventually freaks out; too many drugs, no sleep and bloody chickens that won't lay eggs. In his drug fuelled anger, he takes his shotgun and blows them all up. Then he sets the chicken hoc on fire. Out the corner of his eye he sees a chicken that has escaped and is running to the neighbour's house for safety and Ozzy gives chase in his gown and slippers running down the road with a shotgun after the last remaining chicken!

Ozzy is a complete maniac. It's a great read whether you are a Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne fan or not. Give this book to all wannabe rock stars as an example of how NOT to live your life!

Nancy Hillary is the director of three companies involved in music management and events coordination, landscaping and decoration, and writing services. She writes for many magazines, websites and companies around the world and focuses her article writing on music, books, history, travel, lifestyle, martial arts and personalities.

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