Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beatles Artwork

By Andre R.

The Beatles artwork is beautifully encapsulated within an amazing and unique new product known as "The Beatles Box Of Vision." After the recent remastering of their catalogue, it makes complete sense that this opportunity is presenting itself to long time fans, and new admirers!

The Beatles created an enormous amount of music through a period that lasted less than ten years. Their productions still remain extremely popular in many countries of the world, while Paul McCartney continues to sell out concerts at massive arenas and stadiums. They continue to bring great joy and inspiration into the lives of many, several who were not born until years after they broke up.

The unfortunate passing of John Lennon and George Harrison have made their recordings and memorabilia more valuable, as great new products continue to be made available, including this reliable new way to organize and display Beatles possessions!

All of the Beatles artwork in one black, linen-covered box, with silver embossed Beatles logos, and 3 new books, comprises The Beatles Box Of Vision. Close to 200 pages of newly restored, original album prints that include front and back covers, gatefold artwork and all of the LP booklets are included. Listed below are descriptions of the books:

1. An LP sized book containing all of The Beatles album artwork, collected together for the very first time!
2. The brand new catalography (a UK/US side by side guide to The Beatles catalogue of albums)!
3. The Box Of Vision storage book for organizing and displaying Beatles CD collections and CD remasters.

The Beatles artwork and music will live on in our hearts, souls and minds, forever. A convenient way to organize and display all of it has finally come together(no pun intended).

Andre R. is a journalist, Billboard and VH1 award winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher to thousands, through school boards and privately. His website "The Music Associate", ( ) connects it's visitors to every musical product and download they need or desire, offers 12 complimentary e-books to every visitor, and includes "The Beatles Box Of Vision" through it's Tickets/Memorabilia/Cool Stuff page!

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