Monday, April 26, 2010

A Brief Guide to the Beatles Butcher Cover

By Scott Heron

John, Paul, George and Ringo belong to the all time famous group, The Beatles. They were also known as the fab or fabulous four. If you remember that in the 1960's the Beatles came out with these Butcher Covers which depicted them wearing butcher coats with baby parts and raw meat. During that time, while Elvis maintained a smooth image, the Beatles were all out for violent reactions created by their cover. It is not typical in those times to express gory images like decapitated bloody parts and raw meat as promotional images.

There are many speculations behind the butcher cover. Some claimed that it is some sort of a political cry for the halting of the Vietnam war. While some have claimed, that it was a protest against Capitol Records, who were reducing the number of songs they produce per Beatles Album in order to generate faster production and more sales. The fab four apparently were unhappy with this and they felt that their songs were butchered out.

A lot of people were outraged with this album cover and so Capitol Records had to reproduce the album again by covering the initial photo with a new one. It was a good thing they had not pushed through with their original plan of ripping off the butcher cover. But whether people like the butcher cover or not, it was still shocking publicity for the Beatles, which was probably its main purpose, to shock and open the eyes of its followers. Aside from the album cover, the quality of the music was also improved. From mono music, they offered good quality sound of a stereo in their albums. They were also able to combine several tracks together conveying a new element into the music scene.

The Butcher Cover, which was famous for its butcher images, came in three states. The first one maintained the original photo and earns up to fifty thousand US dollars. However, buyers were still skeptical into purchasing them because they were not sealed and therefore they could be merely copies. Meanwhile the next generation of albums were about twenty thousand dollars because they were pressed and sealed. In fact it proved to be difficult to determine whether it was an authentic butcher cover or not. They cost a lot of money not only for its authenticity but also because it is unpeeled. Meanwhile the thirds sate is a peeled pressed album and accordingly its value is dependent on the amount of peeling on it.

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