Monday, April 26, 2010

The Beatles & The Butcher Cover

By Scott Heron

In the upcoming June 2010 it will have been 44 years now since the Beatles Butcher Cover was banned. Controversy was caused because there was a photo of the four Beatles with a baby doll that was dismembered, while all four Beatles dressed in butcher's aprons with fresh cut meat all over their bodies for the catchy title Yesterday and Today.

Most DJs wouldn't even play the record because of the revoltingly grotesque art cover sleeve. What could the meaning have been by this art cover? What would have made them choose this art cover sleeve? Every one was shocked by the grotesquely revolting cover. The cover is now very hard to find, and if you can find it. It is going to cost you.

Capital One Records reported that over $200,000 dollars was spent for printing the sleeve cover. Their black humour was said to have resulted in the countless number of boring hours that it took to take pictures for their albums. However when each member was asked the question "why?" each one had a different response. The band was severely criticized from the media and the public. However, the album still reached the number one spot. It wasn't until 25 years later that the band was let off the hook for the art cover.

After all of those years finally a statement to free the four from all of the controversy. Anyway you look at it the fab 4 from Beatlemania were the England heart throbs of their era with all of their fans screaming and fainting at the sight of them. The group went on to make more hits until John Lennon's departure in 1969. Paul McCartney left the group in 1970 and released a solo album.

The band was over in 1971 however, the band legally broke up in 1975. The four could never step out into public because of all the Beatle mania. The fab 4 sadly grew tired of each other over the years. After all they were together for over ten years. Paul, Ringo, Lennon, and Harrison were a British evasion rock sensation. There are not many people who do not know who the Beatles are. The Beatles will be forever remembered and their hit songs and their never ending legacy carried on.

The group were so popular that to this day people still pay to see actors dress as the Beatles and have a show called Beatle mania. Even though they broke up, John Lennon passed Dec. 8, 1980 and George Harrison passed Nov. 29, 2001. Paul McCartney is still performing, and Ringo Starr is still releasing albums as well. The group will always be remembered as the fab 4.

Additional Reading On The Beatles and The Butcher Cover

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  1. What's rarely mentioned is that the picture is a pretty good work of art, and the other pictures from the same photo shoot are even better.