Monday, April 12, 2010

NEWS: The 40th Anniversary of James Taylor

By Kane Adam

On Wednesday, the 7th of July, James Taylor and Carole King will be performing at Quicken Loans Arena. This is part of their highly publicized tour named "Troubadour Reunion." The tour is to mark the 40th anniversary of James Taylor and Carole King's breakthrough shows. It will be launched on the 7th of May at Portland and will conclude on 30th of May at Columbus. As well, Taylor and King will be performing overseas this spring. This tour will commence from March 26 in Melbourne, Australia.

Talking about performing together, James Taylor said that they started their 'solo' careers while they shared a band and the same stage. They performed in a show at the Troubadour, Los Angeles and that was the break which helped them establish their careers. Taylor has also said that when he and Carole King starting performing, she was originally a member of his band. Then he encouraged her to sing her own songs because she used to write the songs and depend on others for the tunes.

In 1970 Carole King worked with James Taylor on his album" Sweet Baby James." In 1971, James Taylor worked with King on her album "Tapestry." Carole King had 22 of the 40 top songs to her name. These hits included the famous "You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin.

Her album "Tapestry," released in 1971, sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. This album also won Carole King the honor of being the first woman to bag four Grammy Awards in just one year. On the other hand, James Taylor has won five Grammys during the course of his career. Taylor and King are the members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame as well.

Speaking about the reunion tour, Taylor said that the idea of such a tour was there for years. Two years ago he and King performed at the anniversary celebrations for the Troubadour. They played with the original band. The show went so good that they decided to take the show on road.

At the "Troubadour Reunion" tour not only King and Taylor will be reunited but their original band's key members will also be joining them. These members include the guitarist Danny Kortchmar, bassist Lee Sklar and Russ Kunkel, the drummer.

The venue for the shows will be larger. These include Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl. However, Taylor and King are hoping to recreate some of the same magic as the early Troubadour days. For example, the stages will be made round for the concert. Taylor said that throughout the show, he and King will remain together on the stage.

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  1. I have been a big James Taylor fan for years. This man can sing better than almost anyone I have seen. James is really my most favourite singer in the last 40 years. I’ve never miss any of his concert, even James Taylor Tickets were the best sellers. I miss carly and him singing together.