Friday, June 25, 2010

Blind Lemon Jefferson King of the Country Blues

By Bruce B Lamb

Blues music has made itself popular over the years and great credit goes to all the blues artists who have come up so well and established this genre of music, and it made it renowned among people. There are many artists who are responsible for putting this form of music on the map and for making more than half the world fall in love with it.

Blues music is very soft and hits the soul instantly. One can even dance and sway to it with a great amount of enthusiasm. Some of the best known blues artists have all taken their inspiration from the country side and from the melodious tunes that they can gather from there.

People like Blind Lemon Jefferson are now known all over and their music is still played and listened to in many pubs and bars all around the world where blues music still prevails.

Blind Lemon Jefferson was popular in the early nineties and that was the time when blues music also began to put itself in view of other listeners of music. He recorded a number of albums, some of which are great hits even today. His music has always provided inspiration to many young and old people alike.

Most of the youth that is into blues music would have heard of him because of the wonderful tunes that he created in his time. They still take inspiration from him and it is great to be able to hear his music and look at his videos even today because those itself are a great source of inspiration and many people are able to make their own compositions by just taking a tiny bit of help from his works.

If you are someone who is greatly into blues music and would love to learn to play the blues guitar, then the time is now, because if you do not learn it now, you will be putting it off for later which will cease to come and blues music is something that has to be learnt when your heart and soul is completely in it. If you want to learn how to play like the great Blind Lemon Jefferson blues guitar itself, then you must practice and take a good look and hearing to his music on the daily.

If you are wondering that learning how to play the blues guitar is tough, then you must think twice. These days everything has become so easy with the advent of the internet and you will find blues guitar lessons and tutorials on the internet itself, free of cost. Thus, what are you waiting for? You should instantly just pick up that guitar and get into the groove.

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