Friday, June 25, 2010

Junior Wells the Hoodoo Man - A Tribute

By Bruce B Lamb

There are many people who are famous for playing the blues, especially in the 90s. One such man was called Junior Wells and he was quite known for being able to play the harmonica beautifully. One of his albums, that was called "Hoodoo Man Blues" is said to be one of the best recorded blues albums of all times.

There are many people that still take inspiration from this great man while trying to learn how to play blues music. He also joined up with many other blues artists in order to play music with them, make compositions with them and create music that the world had never heard before.

If you are someone who is really interested in blues music, then you ought to have heard of Junior Wells. He took all his inspiration from the country side of Chicago because that is where he grew up and heard all the music that inspired him to make some of his own very best compositions.

It was there that he grew up watching a lot of his older friends play the blues and picked up so much from them that he feels indebted to them too. Chicago blues lessons have become famous only because of this one man. He is the one who has brought them into the picture and has given this kind of blues music a different and unique style, and separate genre altogether.

If you want to learn to play the blues guitar then you must begin listening to his music. It is sure to provide you with a great amount of inspiration and influence you to a great deal as to what it is that you should be making and doing in the field of music.

The best thing you can do is to either join a tutorial somewhere near your place so that you can learn the blues guitar with a bunch of other people. This always helps to provide a lot of confidence to a first time player and subsequently will also help you to jam with other people and make your own compositions.

There are many different kinds of websites that can be found with great ease on the internet that would teach people how to play blues guitar. It is very easy to pick up from them too, and if you have time enough to spare for it, then it is good enough.

The internet is the best place to pick up such music from because you can even browse through and view other people's compositions and listen to other kinds of music and try and, merge it with your blues compositions to try and create new sounds and styles.

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