Sunday, June 20, 2010

CONCERT REVIEW: Bachman and Turner Secret Gig

By Robin Graeme Smith

Well not such a 'secret' gig, more an insiders special, and boy was it special. I wanted to be the first to get the review out so I could be the one to say ... Bachman and Turner didn't need the Overdrive ... most of you mature readers will get the 'joke' and I hate to explain a funny so if you don't, well never mind.

The Garage is a perfect venue for a band like this, nothing slick about the d├ęcor, no seats, and the drinks not too expensive, though no real beer, why's that? The guys were on fire, four guitarists and one drummer giving us some of their back catalogue from the seventies interspersed with some really great current tracks. The highlight for me was American Woman with a guitar solo using a drum stick, sounds kitsch but was actually amazing, and Bachman knew not to over do it.

Of course the encore had to include Ain't Seen Nothing Yet ... never quite the same since Harry Enfield used it for Smashee and Nicey but still one of my favourite tracks ever. So for me and indeed the audience it was a fitting finale for a great evening of good old rocking music. Bachman and Turner and are off to Sweden Rocks festival, before playing some US dates and returning to the UK in July for the High Voltage festival.

A new album is due out in September and if the tracks we heard were anything to go buy it should be well worth the wait.

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