Friday, June 25, 2010

Jimm Reed - Hey Big Boss Blues Man

By Bruce B Lamb

Blues music has taken the world over like a storm. Many people believe that it does not exist anymore and only lived up to its expectations in the 90s. However, that is not true, because there were a number of great blues artists that made some excellent music in their time, and theirs is the music that people still listen to today.

One such example is Jimm Reed. He was greatly known for the kind of blues music he played. His influences were mainly from other people and artists that played the similar style of music during his time, and today he has proved to be an inspiration to many people including the youth in terms of the same genre of music.

Jimm Reed was a black artist in the United States of America and during those days there, when apartheid reigned, it was very hard for him to approach a global audience and get his music heard by all people despite the difference of skin color of each other. He struggled a great deal and made some excellent music for which he is honored even today. If you are a big blues fan, then you must know his name for sure.

Apart from signing, Jimm Reed was also a great lyricist and composer. He has composed and written some of the best blues songs of all times that are even sung, played and hummed in pubs and bars around the world, even today. He was even quite renowned all over for being able to play the harmonica so well, and is greatly acknowledged for that even today.

If you are interested in learning how to play blues music, then you must instantly listen to all of his songs and some of his best known works because Reed has been known to be a great inspiration for all surviving and struggling blues artists even today. You can easily learn Jimmy Reed blues songs from the internet because you will find a number of chord charts and videos that will teach you to do the same.

If you want to know how to play the blues guitar, then you must learn it quick because it is a style of music that is getting lost today and holds great importance from the yesteryears. There are many people out there who would be willing to teach you how to play the blues guitar.

If you want to learn blues guitar then fear not because the internet will be your friend and teacher all along the way if you are unable to find someone who can teach it to you near your place. You will be able to master it with time, and you will love it soon after.

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