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Biography of Martin Luther King Jr

Biography of Martin Luther King Jr by Pauline Go

"I have a Dream" were the famous words once uttered, as an expression of deep intention that later inspired a country to leap forward towards civility. These were the words voiced by Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington on the 28th of August 1963. Born on January 15, 1929 to an educated family of pastors in Atlanta, Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life for the cause of civil rights.

Having lived during a time when the colored people were discriminated against and jeered at Martin led a crusade to ameliorate his Negro community into the radiance of hope. Martin Luther King, Jr. had an admirable and exceptionally eventful academic career. After completing his graduation in 1948 he went on to complete his doctoral studies from Boston University in 1955. During these early years alone Martin had proved his mettle beyond doubt. His exceptional ability to orate and converse heart to heart with the people in distress gained him wide acclaim. His capacity to convince and lead made him stand out in every milieu that he appeared. These and such other attributes made him carry out the first major protest rally of Negroes in America in 1955. He was then already a member of the 'National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.'

Two years later the Southern Christian Leadership Conference elected Martin Luther as president to give the much-needed impetus to an escalating civil rights movement. His education in theology and influence of Gandhi's philosophies inspired him to remain non-violent in his actions of protest. He preached to refrain from wrongful deeds. His discourses were free from hatred for the Whites, who were responsible for depriving them of their "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as enshrined in their constitution.

The greatness of the man lay in his fight for equality amongst blacks and whites and not for the cause of the Negroes alone. He professed the laws of equal status and equality of wages for blacks and the whites alike. He was also eloquent and vociferous in criticizing the American policy of waging war in Vietnam. In his pursuit to give his people a better life and connect with his people he traveled extensively, protested, rallied and addressed on a multitude of occasions. The books and articles that he wrote during the course of his journey in life are treasured as sanctified documents that bear the testimony of the uprising of the disadvantaged humanity.

The 'Montgomery Bus Boycott' movement 1955, the Birmingham campaign of 1963 and the like will always remain as a landmark movement in the history of American Civil Rights Movement. During all these years he also suffered several assaults and served prison terms at least twenty times. He held positions of high office and rendered his leadership and services to several institutions and agencies across the country. Apart from the several prestigious awards and fellowship during his academic years his fight for the cause humanity and righteousness earned him numerous awards and honorary degrees from diverse institutions both during his life time as well as posthumously.

Martin was declared 'Man of the Year' by Time magazine in 1963. In 1964 at a tender age of 35 he received the Nobel Prize for Peace. He is the youngest black person yet to win this notable award. His exemplary life came to an end in the evening of April 4, 1964 when he was assassinated while he was standing in the balcony of a motel he was staying in Memphis. Martin Luther King, Jr. will always civil rights activist who fought not only for his community but for equality and well being of all his countrymen.

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