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Comfortably Numb Tabs - A Guide to Playing It!

Comfortably Numb Tabs - A Guide to Playing It! by Ameen Jabbar

Personally, Comfortably Numb is one of the greatest songs because of its outrageous guitar solo at the end. In this article, I shall show get you started on one the Comfortably Numb tabs, the first solo called the Intro solo.

Before I explain to you the one part of the Comfortably Numb tabs, it is important to practice properly. Go through this tab or any other tab slowly taking the tab apart and practice. Remember to get it right without rushing as 'Speed is the bypass of Accuracy'.

Here is the start of the tab which is played in B minor.

Comfortably Numb Tabs Intro Solo - Play it yourself

1. Using your index finger, place your finger on the E thinnest, 10th fret.

2. Quickly slide up or play the 14th fret on the same string and add vibrato.

3. Play this same note on the 14th fret, but this time muted the string with right hand.

4. Play this same note again on the 14th fret then perform a full string bend then release the bend. This is bending the string upwards.

5. Quickly, perform a full string bend on the B string, 15th fret adding some vibrato.

6. After, play the note on the same string 15th fret, then again same string, 14th fret twice. Play string G, 14th fret and play string D, 14th fret sliding down two frets. finally, play the 12th fret on string D. Add some vibrato.

7. Perform a string rake on the last 3 strings and then bend the thinnest E string and the release the bend.

8. Then quickly bend the B string, 15th fret.

9. Play the 15 fret on string B, then 14th fret, same string.

10. Play the 14th fret, string G and 14th fret string D.

11. Perform a half bend at the 11th fret on string D followed by playing the 9th fret and then the 7th fret all on the same string. Finish with some vibrato.

Go through this slowly and accurately until you get it perfect. To get the similar tone as David Gilmour's it is best not to use excessive distortion and aim for a nice bluesy sound. So, I recommend you add some compression, sustain, medium gain, reverb and delay to get close to Gilmour's sound.

Until next time have fun playing!

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