Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How To Protect Your Guitar and Make It Last Longer

Last year a friend of mine flew overseas for 2 years and left his Shergold Masquerade Guitar in the shed -- fully strung! For those of you who don't know -- Shergold guitars were hand made guitars and there were only 12 of them built back then. Today those are priceless! So you can imagine the value of these things if you do manage to get your hands on one of them! When he got back he found the entire guitar neck bent right out of place! You could imagine the look on his face!

Today I thought I'd run through a few maintenance tips! It's always a good idea to maintain your guitar as not only will it keep it's value if you decide to sell it, but it also lasts longer and keeps it sound!

TIP #1: If you are going away, always take the strings OFF! This reduces tension and prevents it from bending or bowing at the neck.

TIP #2: Always keep it in a dry place. Once moisture gets into the wood, it dulls the sound and increases the chances of bending when pressure if placed on it.

TIP #3: Use cleaning agents on the body of your guitar. Don't sting on cheap stuff. Go for good quality cleaning agents. Polishes oils, gloss coats e.t.c. Layer it onto your guitar. Do not let it crack or splinter.

TIP #4: Your fingers have natural oils on them and it gets into your strings every time you play. Try to wipe your guitar strings after you finish. This prevents the oil from your fingers getting into the strings and rush appearing on your strings.

TIP #5: Always, always, always buy a carry bag for your guitar. I know they cost money and don't seem like a worthwhile thing as you'll never bump it -- but get one. They keep your guitar in a dry place, prevent knocks, chipping as well as offer security as most guitar bags have locks on them.

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