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OPINION: How Pink Floyd's Lyrics Affected my Life

Pink Floyd Lyrics - How They Can Heavily Inspire You! by Ameen Jabbar

You might guess that Pink Floyd are a well respected band. The extremely wise and well educated Pink Floyd lyrics specially blended with their spine tingling music is what makes them so indulging and unique. However, I will discuss how Pink Floyd's lyrics played a major part of my life.

First of all Pink Floyd started to change my life rapidly. After listening to their music it firstly inspired me to take up guitar at the age of 20. Throughout this period, I continued to listen to the music of Pink Floyd and discovered more and more intriguing Pink Floyd lyrics. Each album had its own special blend of lyrics. One of the best albums for its lyrics is Dark Side of the Moon which talk about politics, life and death which are described with singing out a real life event, An example comes from the song Time with the lyrics:

"Digging around on a piece of ground in your home town...and then one day you'll find 10 years has got behind you".

This describes that human could be doing anything with his time and then suddenly 10 years has passed by like you haven't realised because it come along very quickly. Pink Floyd's lyrics are not always complex, it is just the way they are brought together and its context. My view is that each great line of Pink Floyd lyrics always matches up with something, or some aspect of life. A great example is the lyric line:

"A quiet desperation is the English way"

This is my view of any major english sport or contest such as England Football team or Olympics that has a huge involvement with the English public. With fans watching, holding their breath and anxiously awaits victory.

The power of these lyrics inspired me to attend music college and write songs in a similar context to Pink Floyd. Now, these are the songs that are admired by numerous people...they say music is powerful! and it certainly is with this band. If this has an effect on me it can certainly happen to you too.

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