Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Public Say NO to Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour by Ed Vinicombe

I love Led Zeppelin as much as the next guy. I wasn't even born into the era of Led Zeppelin but they are still one of my favourite bands of all time. They have written songs that will truly stand the test of time there is no doubt about that.

Former band promoter to Led Zeppelin has questioned as to whether there is any genuine reason to why the band should get back together for a tour in 2008. Harvery Goldsmith told a crowd at the MusExpo conference in London this week, "I certainly don't think they should do a big tour because I can't see the point of it", "I think that some of the band really want to go out on tour and do it and other members of the band need to understand why they're doing it, and if there's no compelling reason to do it, they shouldn't".

Harvey Goldsmith was reacting to statements released by bassist of the band, John paul Jones, confirming that he, Jimmy Page and John Bonham's son Jason were rehearsing with a view to do some live gigs. I would absolutely love led Zeppelin to get back into live performing, they are a band that I have always wanted to see and now the chance is so near it almost feels un-real. To see them live would be amazing. Harvey Goldsmith has brandished the idea as 'wishful thinking' yet I remain in hope that this tour will happen. All I can do now is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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