Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beatles in FLAC - Audiophile Quality Beatles Stereo Catalog in the Beatles USB Memory Stick

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Beatles USB memory stick is the digital version of The Beatles in Stereo Box Set which was released on 9/9/9. It includes all of the same remastered stereo mixes and all of the same visual content (including the mini documentaries, the photographs, the original LP artwork, and the extended liner notes).

The difference is that this version of the stereo box set can easily fit in your hand and includes the songs in mp3 format and 24bit FLAC format. The mp3s can be easily added to and played on any mp3 player (such as a Zune or an iPod) but it's the 24bit FLAC versions that are the topic of this article.

For this remastering project, the original analog tapes were captured in 24bit sound quality and then remastered in 24bit, it wasn't until they were put on CD that they compressed to 16bit. Now with these FLAC files the high quality 24bit sound can be heard by Beatles fans.

It should be noted that these are 44.1kHz FLAC files, not the 96kHz files that audiophiles would prefer, but still the point remains: These are now the best sounding versions of The Beatles albums available and that will make this USB stick a "must buy" for serious Beatles fans and audiophiles all over the world.

Some may wish to hold out in case the 96/24 versions are available at some point in the future (on Blu-Ray discs most likely). But of course there is no guarantee that 96/24 versions will ever be released. At least anytime soon. With this memory stick apparently being a limited edition with only 30,000 copies being made, there may not be an opportunity to purchase it again once it has sold out.

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