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Paul McCartney and Wings Lullabyes

By Robert DeLuca

When you think of Paul McCartney, you think love songs or The Beatles and now you can think Lullabyes. Yes, Sir Paul (as the Brits like to call him) can now put your little ones to sleep with lullabyes. After 10 years of being the bass player of the biggest band in history The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney is now going on his 39th year as a very successful solo artist.

I know, I know ... you're saying "Hey man, Wings was a band". But c'mon ... does anyone NOT consider them Paul McCartney's back up band? Although, I have to admit that the "Wings" era, I thought, was the best music of Paul McCartney's solo career ("Venus and Mars", "Red Rose Speedway" and of course, the fantastic "Band On The Run" to name a few).

McCartney Gets His Wings

In 1971 he formed the band Wings. Paul says the idea of naming the band Wings came to him while he was praying during the birth of his second child Stella. Apparently there were complications and while praying for the survival of his wife (Linda) and their new born, Paul had visions of wings.

Wings only had 3 permanent members. Paul, wife Linda McCartney and former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine. The rest of the lineup changed a few times. Did you know that "Wings" were the only "permanent" group that any of the Beatles were involved with after their breakup? "Hey, what about John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band?" Well, apparently the difference is that Wings had other songwriters credited other than Sir Paul.

The 9 or 10 years Paul spent with Wings spawned 12 top 10 singles. Also a very successful tour and "live" album in 1976 with "Wings Over America". Wings officially ended in 1980. Their recording sessions were canceled when John Lennon was assassinated. When Paul decided to go back to work he recorded "Tug of War" (as a dedication to Lennon) and was credited officially as a "solo" record. So, if you are a fan of Paul McCartney's "Wings" era and you have little ones. You can now share "Lush Lullaby Renditions of Paul McCartney and Wings.

Lush Lullabyes of Paul McCartney and Wings (Baby Music for Junior ... with or without the farm)

Roma Music's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star" series have done a great job in selecting 10 Hit songs by Paul McCartney that span the the "Wings" era. They have, once again, arranged and recorded them into very dreamy lullabyes.

In reviewing "Lush Lullaby Renditions of Paul McCartney and Wings", I found myself really enjoying the simplicity of each baby lullaby. McCartney's melodies are so memorable and these lullabyes stay true to each one. It's not easy to take a song like "Jet" which is an upbeat rock n roll song and turn it into a dreamy lullaby for your baby to fall asleep to. But that is exactly what they have done at Twinkle Rock. Oh, and for those with an empty nest, these lullabyes have that "Day at the Spa" like feel. Which is great for practicing meditation and yoga to.

Paul McCartney and Wings Lullabyes Song List (Twinkle Rock decides to "Wing" it)

The song selection process must have been difficult in narrowing it down to just 10 lullabyes. And I feel Twinkle has done a great job of it.
  • Band On The Run
  • Dance Tonight
  • Maybe I'm Amazed
  • Silly Love Songs
  • My Love
  • Jet
  • Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey
  • Listen To What The Man Said
  • Ebony And Ivory
  • Say Say Say
These lullabyes are Mp3 downloads. So Mommy can upload them to her Ipod and take them anywhere. They list for $8.99 or by track for $.99.

My personal favorite lullabyes on this record are Band On The Run, My Love, and Jet. The arrangements are very soothing and each lullaby flows into the next. I can't really say much about the last couple of tracks, because, every time I listen to this record, I fall asleep like a baby.

You can check them all out at Twinkle along with other great artists like Jack Johnson, Michael Jackson, The Foo Fighters and many more.

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