Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beatles Remastered - Let it Be

By John R Powell

"Let It Be" was originally supposed to be an album that was a "back to roots" idea. The Beatles were supposed to compose songs that would be without overdubs or anything besides guitars, pianos and drums. They were also supposed to be filmed the entire time while composing, practicing and performing the songs on this album. This idea was originated because they wanted to perform the songs live in front of an audience once the songs were completed. Their previous albums were full of complicated arrangements and overdubs that were too advanced to perform in front of an audience.

There were a lot of problems and struggles within the band during "Let It Be". The band had started to grow apart and Lennon was also struggling with a brief heroin addiction. Paul McCartney was starting to try to be the "leader" of the group, which the rest of the group saw as trying to be controlling and bossy. This was because two years before this album their manager, Brian Epstein, died of an accidental drug overdose so they had nobody to manage them.

"Let It Be" is an album that is not up to par with the rest of the Beatles repertoire. The album has a lot of good music on it, like Paul McCartney's "Two of US" or his "Let it Be". He also has the rocker, "Get Back", and a piano ballad, "The Long and Winding Road" which ended up having orchestral overdubs thanks to Phil Spector. Phil Spector did this behind McCartney's back.

John Lennon didn't have as many songs on this album because he was creatively not interested in the band at this point, and also was dealing with his heroin addiction. Yet he still had a few good songs, like "Dig a Pony", and "Across the Universe". "Across the Universe" was a song that was done a few years before and put on this album by Phil Spector because Lennon didn't have enough material done for the album.

Lennon also did a song called "Don't Let Me Down", which was the B-side to the single "Get Back". Even though "Don't Let Me Down" was done during the "Let It Be" sessions, Phil Spector for some reason didn't allow it to be on the album. George Harrison even had a few good songs on the album. His "For You Blue" is a great acoustic guitar piece. He also had the ballad "I Me Mine" which later was worked on by Phil Spector by adding overdubs like he did on "The Long and Winding Road".

"Let It Be" was basically shelved after they finished what they had and they decided to get it together for one more project, which ended up becoming "Abbey Road". They decided to get back to the "way they used to do it" for "Abbey Road", which ended up making it one of their greatest achievements, and their "swan song". Even though "Let It Be" was released a year after "Abbey Road" it is not the last record they made.

The remastered version of this album sounds better in every way than the original. If you're a Beatle fan all you'd have to do is listen to one of the tracks from one of your old albums, then listen to the same track from the remastered version ... your ears will beg you for this ear candy.

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