Friday, November 6, 2009

Beatles Remastered - Rubber Soul Recorded in 1965 Sounds Like a 2009 Performance!

By John R Powell

Is the Rubber Soul the soul that bounces back? You cannot tell that this music was made in 1965. The remastered version that were just acoustically upgraded in 2009 are so superior in every way to the original recordings that you'll want to throw the original versions away.

If you close your eyes and listen to the remastered version of Rubber Soul you might think you're sitting in the recording studio while this is being made. The distinctiveness of the individual tracks is simply amazing. Even though you might have heard these songs hundreds of times, listening to the remastered version is like hearing them for the first time. Indeed, all the sounds were on the original recordings, but the quality and the separation have to be experienced to be appreciated.

The name "Rubber Soul" was conceived by Paul McCartney after overhearing a black musician's description of Mick Jagger's singing style as "plastic soul". Lennon confirmed this in a 1970 interview with Rolling Stone, stating, "That was Paul's title ... meaning English soul. Just a pun."

John Lennon has also stated "Rubber Soul" as being The Beatles' first album where they had complete creative control during the recording sessions. This is obvious when you listen to the lyrics of the songs on "Rubber Soul" compared to previous albums. The relationships between the sexes moved from simpler boy-girl love songs on the previous albums to more subtle , even negative characterization on "Rubber Soul".

As with every Beatles' album, the genre and style change when compared to previous releases. "Rubber Soul" has a definite folk rock feel to the album. All four of the Beatles were fans of Bob Dylan; John Lennon notes Dylan as a prominent influence on his music during this point in his lifetime and career. "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" is often cited as The Beatles' first conscious recognition of the lyrical innovations of Bob Dylan.

"Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" is also acknowledged as one of the cornerstones of what is now usually called "world music" and is a major landmark in the trend towards incorporating non-Western musical influences into Western popular music. The reason for this is because George Harrison incorporated the Indian stringed instrument, the sitar, into the song. The use of the sitar was just one of the innovations the Beatles' were using.

They had just started to begin with recording innovations that would forever change the face of their music. For instance, on the song "In My Life" the keyboard solo sounds like a harpsichord but it is a piano. They recorded at half speed, so when they played it back it sounded like a harpsichord.

Other production innovations included the use of electronic sound processing on many instruments, notably the heavily compressed and equalized piano sound on John Lennon's "The Word"; this distinctive effect soon became extremely popular in the genre of psychedelic music. One more innovation that the Beatles used was just plain creativity.

On the song "I'm Looking Through You", Ringo Starr tapped a pack of matches with his finger to get the percussion effect that they wanted for that particular song.

"Rubber Soul" was the very beginning of the psychedelic phase that the Beatles went through from 1965-1970. One can hear the beginnings of what would become "All You Need Is Love" when you listen to "The Word". This album also marked the end of the Beatles' "mop top" days.

"Rubber Soul" was a major artistic achievement, a beginning of a transformation towards sophisticated rock 'n' roll that would define their later career. Critics and fans believed that "Rubber Soul" was the first album to not just fill up an album with single tracks, but have a full and complete album without the use of "filler" tracks. To this day, "Rubber Soul" is still seen as a major artistic achievement; and it's still great music to listen to.

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