Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beatles USB - Beatles Entire Discography in the Palm of Your Hand

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Long Wait is Over

For years now there have been rumors that The Beatles music was finally going to be available in digital format (MP3 specifically) so that their music could be easily added to iPods, Zunes, and other mp3 players.

With the release of The Beatles USB on December 8, 2009 it is possible to buy The Beatles entire remastered stereo catalog (all 13 studio albums plus the Past Masters non-album tracks compilation) in the form of this USB memory stick you can easily hold in your hand (and you're welcome for getting "I Want to Hold Your Hand" stuck in your head!).

Digital Version of The Beatles Stereo Box Set

This USB stick is the digital version of Beatles in Stereo Box Set. It contains the same remastered stereo mixes (which sound absolutely outstanding, by the way.) It contains the same 13 mini-documentaries (one for each studio album). It contains the same extended liner notes, exclusive photos, and original vinyl LP artwork.

High Quality 320kbps MP3 Files

The mp3 files included in this memory stick of are the highest quality possible (320kbps). This makes them of higher quality than the vast majority of mp3s available for sale on ITunes and other digital retailers. Most people can't tell the difference between 320kbps mp3s and CDs.

Audiophile Quality 24bit FLAC Files

What will excite serious Beatles fans about this USB stick is that it also includes 24bit FLAC files which will be the highest quality version of these remasters available (CDs are actually only 16bit). Although these are only 44.1kHz FLAC, not 96kHz. (96kHz/24bit is what's usually included on high definiton releases, The Beatles catalog has not yet been released in that format). Still, these 24bit FLAC files have a higher sound quality than CD.

Apple Theme

This USB stick has an Apple theme. Some may assume by that I mean Apple computers, but The Beatles actually started their own company named Apple in 1968 and that's what the (green, not red) apple design of the USB is referencing.

Limited Edition

Only 30,000 copies of this USB stick are being made.

Buy The Beatles USB.

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