Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beatles in MP3, Finally - The Beatles USB

By Jackson Weinheimer

Holding Out

The Beatles have been one of the few holdouts who have not made their music available in the mp3 format (in fact I don't know of any other band that is not available for mp3 downloads). With the release of The Beatles USB that changes, kind of.

The Beatles USB

Their music will still not be available for download, but it will be available in high quality 320kbps DRM free mp3s in an Apple themed USB stick. This USB stick is essentially a digital version of the critically acclaimed Beatles in Stereo Box Set (which includes digitally remastered versions of all of their stereo albums).

320kbps DRM Free MP3s

These are the best kind of mp3s because they are of the highest quality (much higher quality than those bought on iTunes) and they are DRM free which removes a lot of the headaches (most iTunes downloads have DRM embedded and it can make them annoying to deal with).

24bit FLAC

The Beatles entire remastered stereo catalog is also included in 24bit FLAC on this USB stick. These files are actually of superior sound quality to CDs which are only 16bit. These will be a huge draw to audiphiles who want to hear the greatest band of all time's music in it's best available quality.


A lot of people probably assume I mean the Apple computer company (that runs iTunes and makes iPods and Mac computers) when I say this USB stick has an Apple theme, but I actually mean the Apple company that The Beatles created in 1968 which was originally meant to be involved in various things but really became a record label (they signed James Taylor and Badfinger) that now only really exists for The Beatles music. It's symbol is a green apple, not the apple with a bite taken out of it that is the computer company's logo.

Buy The Beatles MP3s.

The Beatles USB includes The Beatles in FLAC which are audiophile quality (better than CD).

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