Monday, February 1, 2010

Dr Martin Luther King and the Elephant in America's Room

By Seora Jones

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches are still as significant today as they were when he first spoke the words in public during the 1960s. Significant then because he basically identified the large White Elephant in the room, one that was leaving really bad smelling elephant dung everywhere.

Through his outstanding words and leadership (and lots of hard work and suffering from many thereafter), he not only identified the elephant in the room, but managed to chase it completely out; not just from America's room, but from that of the entire world.

What's left to be done to this day, despite the election of Barrack Obama, is to clean up and chase out the ideology that still treasures the dung that was left behind by the elephant in the room. There are still quite a few people left who ignorantly cherish and follow the racist dogma that has held the United States down, almost since it's inception. And while they obviously think their intent is right and good, the effects are nothing short of crippling.

Having the first Black man as our president will do a lot, and certainly has proved to be a watershed event in the history of the US. But it ain't gonna be enough, and we're all going to have to continue to push hard before we can actually know that we are indeed "free at last" (of the ignorance that is prejudice against any race or culture in our country).

So do yourself a favor and find all of the speeches by Martin Luther King right here, and listen to them so that you are able to passionately further the cause. It's as important to do today as it ever was, and you have to be a part of it. Start here right now.

Martin Luther King was one of American's finest leaders. Let's honor him by remembering what he stood for and what he had to teach America and the rest of the world. Find all of his speeches at

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