Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eric Clapton - Keeping 'Crossroads' to a Maximum‏

by Brent Warnken

He has hit many crossroads in his life - from drug addiction to father figure, celebrated musician to cheating husband - but all of these have made the slinging guitar man Eric Clapton a favorite amongst '70s hipsters and classic rock fans, as he continues to find audiences all over the world. A survivor in many senses of the word, Clapton has returned to his aptly named festival Crossroads with an outstanding lineup and hefty set of musician friends to join him for the 2010 show.

The Crossroads Guitar Festival has named Buddy Guy, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, ZZ Top, the Allman Brothers Band and even John Mayer amongst the list of musicians to join the slow hand man, though Eric Clapton tickets are bound to be the biggest sellers online as he remains the most legendary guitar man of them all.

Clapton's history has often been categorized with heartbreak and disaster, but that has not stopped him from remaining one of the most brilliant guitar slingers in history. He has maintained a successful career in the music industry, repeatedly bringing new sounds and moves into his genre. Now the stage is set for the June performance at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill.

"The Crossroads Festival is the realization of a dream for me," Clapton said in a press release, "to gather a group of amazingly talented musicians to perform on one stage. The Crossroads performers are all musicians I admire and respect." The event will benefit Clapton's own Crossroads Centre, a substance abuse clinic that was founded in 1998. Located in Antigua, the venue is a relaxing and peaceful environment that helps get addicts back on track.

Clapton will be all warmed up for the sixth annual event as he continues to add performance dates with another Crossroads act: Jeff Beck. The two Yardbirds alum have been slinging their pieces recently as their North American jaunt closed late February. Each musician praised the other's work throughout the five-date tour, the first time the two worked extensively with one another (though both Yardbirds alum, Beck actually replaced Clapton when he left the rock outfit in 1965).

The two will once again be paired up during the June show, sponsored by Clapton's new T-Mobile "My Touch." The event is sure to be a moment for many addicts to remember, as Clapton has been well known to be in the throes of similar turmoil. As part of the dedication, he writes, "My vision was to create a centre of the highest caliber to treat people of the Caribbean and throughout the world ... Crossroads is like no other Treatment Centre. It is the perfect place to begin the road of recovery ..."

Clapton has long awaited the arrival of this rehabilitation center and movement, in such a way that he continues to support the program. Besides hosting the Crossroads Guitar Festival, Clapton has hosted several other concert festivals including one at New York City's Madison Square Garden, which was later sold as a DVD. Additionally, the first Crossroad Guitar Festival, held in Dallas, was likewise filmed and sold as a DVD to earn profits for the Crossroad Centre.

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