Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hippies Spread the Word Online

By Joseph E Mcevoy

Hippies and the World Wide Web

Go ahead, call me a hippie. I don't mind, though I hope you're not being mean or sarcastic, because hippies have made positive societal contributions over the past few decades. The community of hippies is connected by simple principles and growing everyday, thanks in part to the world wide web.

Beliefs of the hippies have become so accepted that we don't think about where they came from or attribute them to the hippies.

Young and old Hippies are needed to reawaken and in some cases awaken for the first time, the spirit of Activism in Peace loving people. At no time before has the world needed the Hippie philosophy more.

Some say that you will recognize a hippie when you see one, but look deeper and you'll find the principles of the hippies everywhere. Historically, the hippies began in the 1960's, as a counterculture response to conservative politics. Fifty years later, the movement once characterized as embracing peace, love, and rebellion has evolved into a culture of activism.

Throughout society, people are now more accepting of difference, and some say the hippies deserve credit for that. Hippies, as a group, believe in social activism, stopping discrimination, and questioning the status quo. Speaking truth to power is at the hart of activism. - Why do you believe that? - It was the Hippies that asked that question. Politicians should always be able to answer, and we should always keep asking until they do.

For the hippies, the internet has provided the best opportunity for networking, it is the number one place today for learning, sharing, and joining a group of activists. Hippies don't want to talk about things, they want to get things done.

Hippies are not a selfish group. We are not in fact a real organization; the hippies are simply people around the globe who want to promote and encourage fairness. They want to give a voice to those who historically have not had one. If you are a Hippie, and you want to get active, the Internet is a good place to start.

What can you do? Don't think about stereotypes of the hippies but about their actions. Go online, with activism in mind, and give some thought to how you can make the world a better place. Start by commenting on blogs and forums, submit articles, share your ideas and tell others.

Thanks all of you who have made the Internet a cool place. Peace, Love and Well-Being!

Joseph McEvoy

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