Monday, February 1, 2010

OPINION: Martin Luther King Would Have Made a Good Australian

By J Gay

Martin Luther King Day is observed in the US on the third Monday of January each year. Australia day is celebrated in Australia on the 26th January each year. These two events have more in common than a closeness in dates but rather in the similarities of character in each event.

Dr King's philosophy shared many values that Australians cherish and espouse. We all believe in a "fair Go" and this philosophy is often repeated at times either in jest if someone is 'pulling our leg' (telling us an untrue story) or if we are outraged at something we consider unfair. Dr King preached this philosophy and was killed for doing so. Now that was seriously unfair.

A 'fair go for all' is what Australians live by. We tend to get very upset when someone tries to tell us how we are to live or to take an unfair advantage or share of something. We as a people are not used to greed and tend to think unkindly of those who practice the act.

Greed is still frowned upon in Australia and one of many people's big regrets and dislikes that is happening with globalisation, is this practice by some multinational companies of "screwing us to the wall" in order to take an unfair advantage.

What these companies aren't aware of because they haven't done their homework properly, is that what they do to us today is remembered. In the long run, they have done themselves a huge disservice because ultimately they have lost more than they will ever have gained. We as a people may not rant and rave, but we have long memories and short arms with long pockets when it comes to buying from a store or business who 'has done us wrong'.

Like Dr King being a peaceful protestor, so are Australians. People rally to this gentle objection in ways that are subtle and not so subtle as they used to be, because along with multinational companies, seem to have come the multinational protestors. Evil follows evil, like to like or as we say here in Australia "Birds of a feather, flock together".

Dr Martin Luther King simply wanted fairness and justice for his people. Because it didn't exist, he tried to bring it into existence. He died for his belief and the world is the poorer for his passing.

Australians started our country from this belief and practised it until it has become part of every Australians psyche and now we are in danger of losing it because of globalisation and we will be the poorer in more ways than one for letting multinational corporations take it from us.

May Dr King RIP and Australians let us all stand up this Australia day and be counted if we don't want to lose what others have died to protect.

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