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OPINION: New Evidence JFK Was Assassinated by Secret Cabal - What do you Think?

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New Evidence JFK Was Assassinated by Secret Cabal
By Thane Rutledge

When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, America's secret government behind the scenes exerted their influence upon the American political landscape.

Almost from the very happening of the assassination itself, the government's official position was that a Communist sympathizer was the lone gunman, namely one Lee Harvey Oswald - even before there was an investigation conducted. If the government really wanted to find the true killers, even a slightly professional investigation would've revealed the killers. That was not possible, though, for the very agencies investigating the assassination, were involved.

Let's now get to the purpose of this article. There are three key pieces of evidence that prove there was a conspiracy. Here they are:
  • H.R. Haldeman wrote in his book Ends of Power that whenever President Richard Nixon used the term "that Bay of Pigs thing" he was referring to the JFK assassination.
  • E. Howard Hunt confessed to his son Saint John Hunt on his deathbed that he was involved in the JFK assassination as well as Lyndon B. Johnson. Hunt was also involved in numerous CIA activities and was one of the famed Watergate burglars
  • Madeline Duncan Brown, former president Lyndon Johnson's mistress, admitted in a detailed video recording that the night before the assassination, there was a meeting which was attended by Johnson and many high-ranking oil businessman, political operatives, senators, military personnel and congressman. After the meeting concluded, then Vice-President Lyndon Johnson told his mistress, "After tomorrow the Kennedy's would never embarrass him again, that was no threat, that was a promise."
  • Frank Sturgis, one of the CIA operatives who was involved in the JFK assassination, admitted that Watergate was actually a cover-up of the JFK assassination.
  • A document has come forth that shows one Jacob Rubinstein, who once worked for young congressman Richard M. Nixon in California, moved to Chicago and changed his name to Jack Ruby, a name I'm sure you're familiar with. Another document shows that Ruby worked for Nixon on his congressional staff as early as 1947 (this was before he changed his name).
Bullet point 4 clearly establishes the link between Richard M. Nixon and Jack Ruby. In that U.S. Dept. of Justice document, as dated November 24, 1947, it says, "It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubinstein of Chicago noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities is performing information functions for the staff of Cong. Richard M. Nixon, Rep. of California. It is requested that Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in those aforementioned hearings."

This document clearly establishes that Richard M. Nixon knew and worked with Jack Ruby.

In totality, the preceding information shows Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon having knowledge about the assassination and involvement. They were accessories before the fact and after the fact.

This information has been ignored by the U.S. news media and if you dare challenge the government's official stance of Oswald being the lone gunman, you're derided as a "conspiracy theorist."

There is more information regarding the assassination but this short article can't go into all elements, of course. Just the Ruby-Nixon connection and Madeline Duncan Brown's testimony that Lyndon Johnson attended a secret meeting wherein the assassination's final points were discussed is highly incriminating, or at the very least is very suspicious.

In conclusion, the U.S. government has been rotten, corrupt and evil since at least the dawn of the 1960s, but in truth, that corruption extends back to 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the fraudulent passing of the 16th Amendment - the amendment that supposedly gives the U.S. government the power to tax its people. But that is a story for another day.

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