Monday, February 1, 2010

Jimmi Hendrix Voodoo Chile - Greatest Riff of All Time

By Chris JW Adams

Just for the record and to help with future searches, Jimmy Hendrix is spelled Jimmi Hendrix and Jimmi Page is spelled Jimmy Page.

I remember working this riff out when I was about twelve. Based on a blues scale in E major the riff serves as an intro and an ending to the song. The rest of the song is based around old blues patterns in E major.

Hendrix took these old patterns and rocked them up to such a level they are way above the energy levels of the original blues riffs from which they were taken. To really reproduce the full effect of this riff you need a crybaby and nothing sounds better than the original ones. Hendrix used the crybaby in two ways, one for the wah wah effect and also as a treble boost.

In the intro to the song you will hear the wah wah effect in full use and when you come to the first solo of the song you will hear the treble boost in all its glory. I was so pleased that Voodoo Chile was voted the greatest riff of all time and that Hendrix is at the top of the list of greatest guitarists.

When I was in my teens I became Jimmi Hendrix everyday after school, driving my neighbours mad with my renditions of Voodoo Chile played through an old Orange amp and Selmer cab with everything turned up full. Here we are forty years later and the riff is still going strong, this represents a great glimmer of hope for real music and real musicianship. Remember though all who find this, Jimmy Hendrix is spelled Jimmi Hendrix.

Chris Adams is a professional musician and has played guitar for over 30 years.
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