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The Beatles 1965 Classic Help! On CD in Original Mono & Stereo Mixes For the First Time on 9-9-9

The Beatles 1965 Classic Help! On CD in Original Mono & Stereo Mixes For the First Time on 9-9-9 by Jackson Weinheimer

1965: Mono Was The Standard, Stereo An Afterthought

In 1965 when Help! was recorded and released mono was the standard way that people listened to music. Stereo was still very new at that time. This is why The Beatles focused their time and energy on the mono mix of Help! The stereo mix was done in a very "experimental" way because little was really known about how you should mix in stereo.

1987: CD Release Of The Beatles Albums

22 years later when Help! was released on CD for the first time, stereo was definitely the standard way people listened to music so only a stereo version of the album was released.

And since the original stereo version was deemed "too strange" or "too exerimental" in 1987, a new stereo mix was made (by George Martin) and used for the CD release.

This means that the original mixes (both mono & stereo) of Help! released in 1965 were not available on CD.

2009: Remastered Beatles CD Box Sets

Another 22 years after their original CD release, all of The Beatles albums are being re-released on CD in new remastered versions.

There will be a Beatles stereo box set which, of course, features stereo mixes of all of The Beatles albums. These will be the same mixes on CD now, the big difference being that they are remastered for more clarity and finer detail (and these CDs will be louder than the ones released in 1987).

There will also be a Beatles mono box set which will include a CD which has the original mono & stereo mixes of Help! on it. This box set includes mono mixes of the first 10 Beatles albums (through The White Album) and original stereo mixes for two Beatles albums (Help! & Rubber Soul) which have never been released before on CD.

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The Help! CD which includes the original mono & stereo mixes is not available for individual purchase, but only as a part of the box set.

There is one other Beatles album in the same situation, Rubber Soul. It was also recorded & released in 1965 and it also has never had it's original mono & stereo mixes released until 9/9/9. These original mixes of Rubber Soul are included in the Beatles Mono Box Set as well.

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