Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Beatles Rubber Soul - Original Mono & Stereo Mixes Available on CD For the First Time

By Jackson Weinheimer

Rubber Soul - A Groundbreaking Album

People often point to Sgt. Pepper or Revolver as groundbreaking albums (and for good reason) but they were not the beginning of The Beatles treating their albums as "art." After all it was Rubber Soul that inspired Brian Wilson to create Pet Sounds (which in turn inspired Paul McCartney to create the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band concept).

Rubber Soul was a clear step forward for the band. The songs sounded more "serious" than the majority of their previous work and there was little on the album that could be called "filler" (although "What Goes On" is pushing it).

The Mono Mix

In 1965 mono was king. It was just the way people listened to music back then so it makes sense that the mono mix was what The Beatles spent almost all of their time working on. After The Beatles (along with their producer George Martin & their engineer Norman Smith) would perfect the mono mix, the stereo mix would then be "thrown together" rather quickly as they just didn't consider it very important.

The CD Release Of The Beatles Albums In The 1980s

When CD became the main format of music in the '80s (replacing vinyl & tape) all of The Beatles albums were remastered (poorly) and in two cases they were also remixed.

Only a stereo version of Rubber Soul was released on CD (as, of course, stereo had long overtaken mono as the standard way to listen to music.) And since the original stereo mix was considered to be too "experimental" (or "weird") it was remixed. What this means is that neither the original mono or stereo mix of Rubber Soul has ever been on CD officially.


On September 9, 2009 that changes because Rubber Soul is being released (as part of a set) in both it's original mono and stereo mixes. For those Beatles fans who want to hear this classic album as it was originally heard in the 1960s this is a very exciting thing!

The Beatles Mono Box Set includes Rubber Soul in both it's original mono & stereo for the first time ever on CD. It's not available for individual purchase, it can only be bought as a part of this box set (which includes all 10 Beatles albums which were originally mixed in mono.)

Help!, The Beatles other 1965 album, is the other Beatles album that has never been released in it's original mono or stereo mix on CD. It too is included in the Beatles Mono CD Box Set with both of those original mixes included on one disc.

None of the CDs in this box set are available individually but only as a part of the set which is a limited edition so should be ordered as soon as possible.

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