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Steely Dan - Music With a Sense of Humour

Cover of "Aja"Cover of Aja

Steely Dan - Music With a Sense of Humour by Barry Dixon

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker - "Steely Dan" - have been writing music with a sense of humor since they first began their amazing partnership. With song's that can make you laugh, make you cry, make you wonder and make you dream, these two brilliant artists have it all sown up. These two guy's have an amazing chemistry together. "They are made of music".

With song's like "Cousin Dupree" from the Grammy Award Winning Album "Two Against Nature", released in 2000, about an old keyboard player cum oil tanker driver who goes back home to Aunt Faye's couch to set up his next move in the world, when he see's his little cousin Janine walk in the room, he can't believe how much she has grown, and all he can say is ow-ow-ouch.

Cousin Dupree walks around the room with her little tops on and wearing her tight "capris", a style of pants usually worn in warm weather, like a pair of long shorts that fall over the knee's. This song is very funny and yet quite controversial as in the song, all Dupree want's to do is kiss his little cousin Janine.

Steely Dan will go from the funny side into a totally different tangent that can also be very dark and unhappy like one song in particular that comes to mind called "Everything Must Go" released in 2003 from the brilliant album of the same name.

This cleverly written song talks of corporate disaster from the perspective of the corporate guy, about his major pain and suffering and on to his poor old self-esteem being shattered, "cause we're going" out of business, everything must go, a song that ring's so true today as all the major world corporations struggle to survive in this maddening economy, everything must go is a deep and true song, and after it fall's apart all he can do is light those Luckies (cigarettes) up and crank up the afterglow as it all crumbles around him.

Steely Dan also take a cynical view to all thing's "superstitious" with the song "Black Friday", from the album Katey Lied released in 1975. This particular song is another beauty. When Black Friday comes, I'll stand down by the door and catch the grey men when they dive from the fourteenth floor, when black friday falls, don't let it fall on me. A very clever song.

Steely Dan also take an in-depth look at Hollywood glitz and glamour with the song "Peg" from the highly acclaimed album Aja, released in 1975 and one of their most famous albums. The lyrics speak for themselves with this song. I've seen your picture your name in lights above it this is your big debut it's like a dream come true and when you smile for the camera I know they're gonna love it. This song also has great memories to me personally as we would call our grandmother Peg. When I hear this song, I always think of her, she was a great lady.

So in summary, I hope all of you out there that read this review will delve a little deeper into the Music History of probably one of the finest musical collaborations of all time, that being, "Steely Dan". Music with a sense of humour.

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