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The Beatles Mono Box Set - The Original Mono Mixes of the Beatles Albums on CD For the First Time

The Beatles Mono Box Set - The Original Mono Mixes of the Beatles Albums on CD For the First Time by Jackson Weinheimer

The Mono Mixes Are What The Band Focused On

It wasn't until the late 1960s that stereo mixes really overtook mono mixes as the new standard and thus it wasn't until the late 1960s that The Beatles (and their producer George Martin and their engineers like Geoff Emerick) started to focus on the stereo mixes as anything other than an after thought after they got done perfecting their "real" mixes. That is, the mono mixes.

Hearing The Beatles Albums As Originally Intended

Since the original mono mixes were what the band and their producer and engineers were focused on it makes sense to think of those mono mixes as the albums as they were originally intended to be heard. And that's one of the big reasons that so many Beatles fans are excited about these original mono mixes being released on CD for the very first time this year (on September 9th, 2009).

What's In The Beatles Mono Box Set?

  • The first 10 Beatles albums in mono.
  • Help! & Rubber Soul in their original stereo.
  • Mono Masters collection of non-album tracks in mono.
  • Cool new packaging & an essay written by Kevin Howlett.

Why Only The First 10 Albums In Mono?

The Beatles final three studio albums (Abbey Road, Let It Be, & Yellow Submarine) are not included because they were never mixed in mono. By 1969 mono had been completely phased out.

Why Are Help! & Rubber Soul Included In Stereo?

These two albums are included with both mono & stereo mixes. The original stereo mixes for these albums were very experimental (because mixing in stereo was a very new thing at the time) and were deemed too weird to be released on CD when the Beatles CDs were first being pressed in the 1980s. So new stereo mixes were made for these albums and those new stereo mixes are what we've been hearing on CD ever since.

The original stereo mixes are included in this set for those of us who are curious as to how they sounded originally back in 1965!

What's On The Mono Masters Collection?

All of the Beatles songs that were not included on their original 13 UK studio albums in their original mono mixes! You may be thinking this is just going to be a collection of lesser songs because they didn't make it on the albums but that couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Many of their biggest hits were never included on their studio albums (such as "Hey Jude" and "Day Tripper"). This collection is based on it's stereo counterpart, Past Masters. The difference is, of course, that these are the mono versions of these classic songs.

Mono Mixes Of Albums Are Not Available For Individual Sale

These mono mixes of The Beatles albums can only be purchased as a part of this box set. On the other hand, the stereo mix CDs can be purchased individually or as a part of the new remastered stereo box set.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can order this Box Set online 24/7/365. It's available only as a limited edition (with only 10,000 copies being made) so you should definitely order as soon as possible to make sure you get your copy. While they are not officially for sale until 9/9/9 you can pre-order now.

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