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The Beatles Revolver - In Mono on CD For the First Time on 9-9-9

By Jackson Weinheimer

Revolver: A Step Forward

I love Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (which was released in 1967) but I do sometimes think it gets too much credit as being the album that introduced "art" to rock music. What about Revolver? (Or The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds?)

Rubber Soul?

I also question those who say that they don't hear much difference between 1965's Rubber Soul and 1966's Revolver. In my view Rubber Soul was a great collection of songs but Revolver definitely took it to the next step both as far as the cohesiveness of it and as far as the experimental nature of much of the music and production.

Experiments In Songwriting, Arrangement, & Production

The Beatles had never done songs that sounded like "Eleanor Rigby," "Tomorrow Never Knows," or "Love You To" before. These were all huge steps in a new direction. As were many of the other songs on the album to a somewhat lesser extent.

Mixed In Mono

When Revolver was recorded and mixed in 1966 it was done so in mono. The stereo mix that was made was basically just "thrown together" in comparison with the many hours spent getting the mono mix just right.

The Original Mono Mix Has Never Been Released On CD

When The Beatles albums were put on CD in the 1980s the original mono mixes of albums like Revolver were excluded which has meant that the only way to hear these original versions ("the albums as they were intended to be heard" as real mono-maniacs would say) would be to track down the original vinyl LPs or to try and purchase illegal bootleg CDs. In both cases it could be difficult to find what you're looking for and very expensive to pay for it once you have found it!

Revolver (And The Other Beatles Albums) Out In Mono On CD On 9/9/9

On September 9th all of The Beatles original mono versions of their albums are being released on CD for the first time. On this "Beatle Fan Holiday" remastered stereo mixes of their albums are also being released along with The Beatles Rock Band video game. Christmas is definitely coming early for Beatles fans this year.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can order Revolver in it's original mono mix as a part of the Beatles Mono CD Box Set. None of the mono mixes of these albums are available for individual purchase, only as a part of this set. I believe this is to keep people who only want the stereo versions from accidentally purchasing the mono mixes.

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