Saturday, July 25, 2009

NEWS: Friends Of Harvey Kagan Benefit

Harvey Kagan began playing music at the age 13 with Sammy Vaughn and the Star Marks, playing record hops throughout South Texas. When Sammy left for Dallas, Harvey joined Doug Sahm who was, at that time, a local artist with great success with charted records in the area.

After completing high school, Harvey got back together with Augie Meyers, who he had previously played with in another local band, to form Lord August and the Visions Of Light. They both returned to California in 1969 with Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas Quintet). He remained on the West Coast for a few years and hit the road with the Quintet, touring the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Harvey recorded numerous albums with SDQ before returning to Texas to attend college.

While in California, he also played with and did studio work for various other artists such as Gene Vincent and Dewey Martin, formerly of Buffalo Springfield. He continues playing all genres of music today - pop, country, oldies and contemporary music with various bands.

His natural musical talent, professionalism and his ability to get along with anyone is a winning combination. Harvey is a gentleman in all senses of the word; he never loses his cool, he’s a stellar husband and father to his two daughters. He is one of the most loyal and genuine people you will ever meet.

On May 19, Harvey was taken by EMS to the emergency room. He had been suffering from severe headaches for almost two weeks, which was abnormal for the otherwise healthy 63 year old. The CT scan showed something no-one had expected, a subdural hematoma, a serious brain injury. Three weeks later, following brain surgery to remove a large hematoma, Harvey awoke in the neuro ICU confused and unaware of the serious state he was in.

He was soon transferred to a rehabilitation center to begin physical and occupational therapy. Just three days after his arrival at the facility, he began feeling very short of breath. Harvey was sent back to the hospital, where they found a substantial amount of blood clotting in his legs, which had traveled up to his lungs. While blood thinners are usually the treatment for clotting in the body, this was no option for him because of the hematoma and the neurosurgery he had just a few weeks earlier.

Harvey’s blood pressure and heart rate dropped to an alarming rate. Without medications to regulate his heart rate, the only option was a pacemaker. Harvey went for the surgery and it proved to be a success.

While it seems the worst is behind him, Harvey has a long road to recovery ahead of him, both physically and financially.

A benefit for Harvey will be on Sunday July 26, 2009 at Sam’s Burger Joint, doors open at 1:00pm till 6:00pm. The show will be headlined by Augie Meyers and feature many talented San Antonio performers such as Butch Morgan, Billy Mata, Jody Jenkins, The Petals, Rick Cavender, Dub Hankins, George Chambers, Patsy Coleman Brown & Bubba Brown, Lofton Kline and other surprise guests. Sam’s Burger Joint is located at 330 E. Grayson, off Broadway.

Join us for an afternoon of great entertainment and the opportunity to do a good thing for a great person, Harvey Kagan.

Donations can be made by sending them to: Harvey Kagan (in care of) Broadway Bank 20710 U.S. Highway 281 N. San Antonio, Tx 78258

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