Sunday, July 26, 2009

OPINION: The Best Four Albums Of The Beatles Career‏

by Jake Topp

The Beatles were such an incredible band that recorded so many fantastic albums that it's really hard to say which of their albums are there four best. And I would recommend getting all of their albums. But if you are new to the band, you may want to start with these four.

#1 The White Album

Anything (and everything) goes in this brilliant 30 song masterpiece from 1968. While it lacks the cohesive feeling of some of their other albums (most obviously Abbey Road & Sgt. Pepper) I don't think it's any worse because of that, in fact in some ways I think that's what makes the album so great.

This album is sort of like a summing up of all of the pop & rock music that had been recorded by everyone in the 20th century up to that point (1968). It even has influences from the 1920s in it ("Honey Pie"). The most controversial song on the album is definitely "Revolution #9." You can count me in on that one. I love it. I think it's brilliant that The Beatles included something so "far out" on one of their albums. Sure it may not be a track I listen to every time I put the album on, but I do find it fascinating when I do listen to it.

#2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

No, I don't think Sgt. Pepper is overrated! In fact I think so many people have said it's overrated that it's now gone full circle and is actually underrated. I mean really, how can an album that ends with "A Day in the Life" be overrated? Here's a little tip to those who don't quite "get" what's so great about this 1967 classic: Next time you listen to the album make a real effort to listen to the bass part in every song.

#3 Revolver

It's not as varied as The White Album (although it does pretty good in that department) and it's not as "connected" as Sgt. Pepper but a very good argument can be made that it's a more consistently great album than any of their others. I think there's truly no weak songs on it.

#4 Rubber Soul

This may be The Beatles album with more "classics" on it than any other. "Nowhere Man," "In My Life," "Norwegian Wood," & "Michelle" are a taste of what I mean. But what keeps it out of the top three is that it does have a few "clunkers." Specifically: "Run For Your Life," & "What Goes On" are among their worst originals.

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  1. Sounds about right to me. Although I moght slide Revolver up to #1. Just a true classic with so many different sounds to it. This was when the band was still truly making music "together".