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The Beatles Mono Masters Double CD Compilation Set Includes Original Mono Mixes of Non Album Songs

By Johnny Moon

The Beatles Non-Album Songs

These days most bands put all of their best songs onto their albums and they definitely include their hit singles on their albums! But in the 1960s The Beatles actually thought it was "cheating their fans" to put their hit singles on their albums (they figured their fans already bought those singles).

This may be a foreign concept today, but at the time it made sense. But the key point is that many of The Beatles greatest hits (along with some really cool b-sides) never made it onto their albums.

The CD Era

In the late 1980s The Beatles had their catalog pressed onto CD and to solve the problem of the non-album songs the "Past Masters" compilations were created. There was a volume one which included earlier songs like "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" and there was a volume two which included later songs such as "Hey Jude" and the fast radio single version of "Revolution" (which is much different than the slower version heard on The White Album).

The Beatles Remastered Box Sets

On September 9 of 2009 The Beatles entire catalog was re-released on CD. Remastered (for far superior sound) versions of their stereo mixes were made available both for individual purchase and as a part of a Beatles Stereo Box Set, while the original mono mixes for their first 10 albums were made available only as a part of a Beatles Mono Box Set.

Mono Masters

The Mono Masters double disc compilation mirrors the Past Masters double disc compilation found in the Stereo Box Set. The big difference is, of course, that the Mono Masters set includes the mono mixes while the Past Masters set includes the stereo mixes. Another difference is the Mono Masters set is only available as a part of the Mono Box Set, not for individual purchase.


There are some differences in tracklisting because the band stopped mixing in mono towards the end of their career so there were no mono mixes of some of their songs to include. Also the Mono Masters version includes the four new Beatles songs ("It's All Too Much," "Hey Bulldog," "All Together Now," and "Only a Northern Song") that were on the Yellow Submarine album because the album as a whole (maybe because the George Martin instrumentals were only recorded in stereo? I'm not sure) was not included as a part of the Mono Box Set.

Buy The Beatles Mono Masters as a part of The Beatles Mono Box Set. This set is not available for individual purchase nor are any of the other discs in the Mono Box Set.

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