Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is Eric Clapton God?

By Chris JW Adams

Many people consider Eric Clapton to be the best guitarist in the world. Eric himself being a very humble man would say "he just enjoys playing the guitar". If you ever see films about the music of the sixties and seventies you will always see the graffiti that say's "Eric Clapton is God". One thing is for sure, Clapton has got the highest profile over any other guitarist in the world.

Clapton is a great blues player with a wonderful feel and beautiful tone but technically speaking there are many guitarists that would come to mind. Andy Timmons is perhaps the most versatile and Steve Vai is perhaps the best known of the many so called shredders. David Gilmour is perhaps the most tasteful with a great style of his own where space is a key element. Brian May is known for big harmonies and his home made guitar that he made at school. Then of course there is Hendrix who many would say is God also.

Also one may consider the classical players like Segovia but many would say that this is a different instrument. I am a grade 8 classical guitarist myself, I would say that it is the same instrument but there are many differences in the way that you play, the control and use of right hand techniques are very different from electric guitar.

So is Eric Clapton God? I would say that Clapton has had a tough life with a lot of struggles and tragedy but you can still go and see him today in concert. Eric Clapton may not be God but he certainly is a legend.

Chris Adams has been playing guitar for over thirty years and has enjoyed 12 number ones at various download charts including and

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