Friday, September 4, 2009

Buy the Beatles Remastered Box Sets (Stereo & Mono) While They Are in Stock!

By Johnny Moon

The Beatles Finally Remastered

There is a huge demand (which is obviously greatly outripping supply based on how the box sets are selling out everywhere) for these new remastered Beatles CDs because Beatles fans have been waiting since 1987 for The Beatles classic albums to be given the respect (and the mastering job) that they deserve.

1987 is when their albums were first put on CD and the job that was done is universally considered to be of low quality. Mostly because the technology at the time wasn't up to snuff but also due to some incompetance.

Now finally in 2009 they've been remastered again, but this time using much better technology. So finally the Beatles CDs can sound as good (and perhaps even better) than their original vinyl releases.

Original Mono Mixes Finally On CD

The Beatles spent the majority of their time working on the mono mixes (up until around the time of The White Album the stereo mixes were little more than an after thought). Because of this many Beatles purists consider the mono versions of their first 10 albums (Abbey Road & Let It Be were only mixed in stereo, by the way) to be the "real" versions of their albums. Their music as they really intended it to be heard.

Now with The Beatles Mono Box Set, those original mono mixes are finally going to be available on CD. For many younger Beatles fans who grew up with the CD versions, this will be their first time hearing the mono mixes.

It should be noted that while the individual stereo CDs are available for purchase, the mono mix CDs are only available as a part of the mono box set.

So It's No Surprise The Box Sets Are Selling Out

Actually I'm a little bit surprised that they didn't have more copies available, this is the biggest band in history and they are finally getting their catalog released on CD properly, of course these box sets are going to be selling like hot cakes!

The low supply and the very fast rate at which these things are selling means that it's definitely a good idea to buy up the box sets as soon as you find them in stock somewhere (because they probably won't stay in stock for very long!)

CLICK HERE to buy The Remastered Beatles Box Sets while they are still in stock (which may not be very long at all).

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