Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Four Previously Unreleased Mono Mixes in the Beatles in Mono Remastered CD Box Set

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Beatles in Mono box set includes the first release of many of The Beatles original mono mixes on CD but it also actually is the first time some of these mixes have ever been released in any format (including vinyl!).

The White Album

When The Beatles self titled double album (AKA The White Album) was released in 1968 mono was being phased out and stereo was becoming the only way albums were being released.

As the US was further ahead in this transition than the UK this lead to a situation where in the US only the stereo mix of The White Album was released (previously both mono and stereo mixes were released) but in the UK both mixes were released.

What this means is that the mono mix of The White Album included in The Beatles in Mono box set is actually the first time that it's ever been released in the US in any format.

Four Previously Unreleased Mixes

There are also four songs included in the box set (as a part of the Mono Masters double disc compilation) which have never before been released in any format anywhere. These four songs were the four new Beatles songs included on the 1969 album Yellow Submarine which was only released in stereo. Because it was only released in stereo, the mono mixes of those four songs were shelved until now.

The rest of the Yellow Submarine album (the George Martin instrumentals) was only mixed in stereo so the album as a whole is not included. Instead, these four songs were added to the Mono Masters non-album tracks compilation.

The previously unreleased Beatles songs are the mono mixes of these four songs: "It's All Too Much," "Hey Bulldog," "All Together Now," and "Only a Northern Song."

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The Beatles Mono Masters includes the four previously unreleased mixes and it's only available as a part of the box set, it cannot be purchased individually.

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