Friday, September 11, 2009

Rickenbacker Sunburst Electric Guitar and the Beatles

By Karen Strutt

In 1958 the Rickenbacker semi-acoustic guitar was available in two standard colors. Hi Lustre Blonde which was a purely natural maple finish with no high gloss varnish sealer at all. And the 'Autumnglo' Sunburst which was a two-tone brown Sunburst color.

It is worth noting that Rickenbacker have always differentiated themselves from other Sunburst electric guitar makers like Gibson or Fender by calling their various Sunbursts colors, 'glo', due to their vivid and vibrant color range.

Being of German origin, the Rickenbacker was adopted by the guitar playing Beatles in the early 1960s. John, Paul and George were introduced to the brand of guitar when they began started out and began evolving their phenomenal musical sound in Hamburg, Germany.

The Beatles recorded and played the full range of Rickenbackers including a left handed bass, twelve and six string guitar.

Between 1964-65 The Beatles recorded, "Ticket To Ride, A Hard Days Night, Eight Days a Week and You Can't Do That", all using the distinct sound of Rickenbacker guitars. This lead the way for international interest and demand of the guitars' trademark sound and image.

The look of a Sunburst or 'glo' Rickenbacker guitar is as distinct as its full warm sound. The Rickenbacker Sunburst electric guitar has added to the distinct and powerful image and identity of some of the worlds best guitarists such as Pete Townshend, Roger McGuinn, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, and Jeff Buckley.

Today, Rickenbacker produces a variety of Sunburst electric guitar finishes or 'glo' color options including; Fireglo Red, which is the ever popular pink to red gradient.

Towards the end of the 1960s, Rickenbacker developed its Burgundyglo fiery red that graduates into a deeper burgundy red color.

The Amber Fireglo is Rickenbacker's take on the more traditional Fender and Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst electric guitar. This has a light maple central area that fades out into a deep dark red.

Karen Strutt is a Brand Designer and Consultant, who's passions include image and identity and her collection of Sunburst Electric Guitars.

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