Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Beatles Remastered Stereo CD Box Set Review

By Jackson Weinheimer

Is this new box set really worth getting? Are these newly remastered Beatles CDs really that much better than the old Beatles CDs that most Beatles fans have been listening to for the past 20+ years? In a word: Yes.

I don't think most people really realize how poor the sound on the old Beatles CDs is until they get a listen to these new remastered CDs that are included in The Stereo Box Set. These new remasters reveal new details and allow all of the glory of this music to really be heard as it was really meant to be heard. It's like watching a movie on HD after you had only see it before on a funky old VHS tape.

The Drums

Perhaps the biggest difference can be heard in the drums. On the old CDs, Ringo's drumming was often buried in the mix and difficult to really hear. Now you can really hear the drums so much more clearly and they are allowed to propel the songs forward much more so.

The Bass

Probably my favorite thing about these new remasters is how much more well defined and fuller the bass sounds. This is such a great thing because Paul McCartney's bass parts on most of these songs were absolutely fantastic. McCartney is my favorite bass player of all time and you can hear his amazing playing more clearly than ever before on these new remastered CDs.

The Vocals

The Beatles had a lot of harmonies in their music and now finally with The Beatles Stereo Box Set you can hear each part of those harmonies clearly.

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